February 6, 2015

We received this Testimony from Carolyn Tinney, one of our Teacher Trainers here in WV. We thought it was worth sharing. It will give you a taste of what our Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 Training is all about and just how it has an impact on those who are trained.


Testimony of TCE Student

Recently one of my former TCE students came to me and thanked me for being such a “taskmaster” when it came to Bible Lesson preparation.   She was preparing that week for her Bible lesson for GNC, and she was struggling.  She said she had read the lesson material, and it was very well written, but she could not get the lesson in her head or heart.  It just was not coming together for her.  Then she said she remembered Mrs. Tinney telling her and the class to “go to the scriptures; make it your own; let the Bible tell the story.”  That was what she did, and she said it came together for her. She said it was SO MUCH easier for her.  Now she was not dependent upon a lot of notes.  She was free to look the children in the eye and to add her own drama and activities.  She saw where she could draw out the message of salvation in natural places.  She told me she had been struggling for years trying to teach the lesson the way someone else had written it.  Now it was HER lesson.  She was FREE. 

In our TCE courses we ask our students to begin the study of scripture first, then to start the preparation for the presentation.  We want them to analyze the scriptures and comprehend them for themselves. Then, to help fill in cultural information and more details, we tell them to read the manual. We do not want them to become dependent on the manual first. The manuals are not inspired, but God’s Word is. 

My own testimony is that when I began teaching GNC’s YEARS AGO (before TCE courses were available) I too was dependent on the manuals and memorized the lessons.  After taking TCE I realized how much easier it is to depend upon the Holy Spirit.  He is the real Teacher and He will work through us when we allow Him.  I hope this encourages someone, besides Sally and me. 

Testimony of Sally Burger to Carolyn Tinney, January 22, 2015.