Oh, the winds of summer are blowing. Soon school will dismiss and children will be footloose and fancy-free. They will dive into the pool and swim like a fish. They will visit the ice cream stand and order their favorite flavor of ice cream and enjoy every lick and swallow. They will play T-Ball and baseball, soccer, hide-and-seek until the sun goes down, then play "spotlight" and catch fireflies. It is a special time of the year to enjoy the outdoors.

There is something else special during the summer months: 5-Day Club® is a ministry conducted by Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®). This ministry is conducted in parks, backyards, community centers, daycare facilities, church parking lots and after summer school. It is an hour and a half of high energy: playing games, singing songs, memorizing God’s Word, hearing an exciting five-part missionary story (and if you want to find out what happens, you will have to come back tomorrow) and an exciting Bible lesson. Children hear the message of salvation clearly taught through the songs, memory verse, missionary story and Bible lesson. An opportunity is given to the children to choose to receive Jesus as personal Savior. 5-Day Club teachers and workers are trained to carefully lead children through the Bible so they understand what God’s Word says about receiving Jesus as Savior.

How do I get involved, you may ask? Contact your local CEF Office and let them tell you. On this website, there are links to the local CEF Chapter office information in your area. They will tell you how you can host a 5-Day Club in your neighborhood, community center or daycare. Churches may be led to conduct a 5-Day Club on their parking lot as a prelude to their VBS, or a follow-up activity after VBS. Either way, 5-Day Club is FUN!

If you are looking for a way to share the financial resources God has blessed you with, expenses of the 5-Day Club ministry are many. Your local CEF Chapter would be happy to talk with you about how you could help. Give them a call and be a part of expanding the Kingdom of God by ministering to children through your financial gift. Donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for caring!