All this year, I have taken special notice of a young lady who sits in the back row at our Good News Club©. She doesn’t smile much. She doesn’t have friends that are eager to sit with her. Physically, she looks quite different from the other fourth-grade girls that attend. “Katie” just looks sad most days. She doesn’t talk much but is always polite and speaks back when spoken to. 

One week, she looked particularly downhearted. I came home and told my husband we should pray for “Katie”, that I felt like she was going through something, more than usual. The next week, at the conclusion of the club, we asked if anyone wanted to talk further with her about Jesus becoming their savior. “Katie” raised her hand. After talking with a volunteer, “Katie” accepted Christ as her savior. She told us that she doesn’t get to go church regularly, as her mom works on Sundays. She sometimes gets to go on Christmas and Easter. 

Since that day, “Katie” has come to club smiling. She engages in conversation. She is talking with friends. She offers every week to help me carry my things to the car. I’m so grateful for the change I’ve seen in her. I am beyond blessed to have witnessed it firsthand. I spoke with “Katie’s” mom a few weeks ago to tell her how polite “Katie” is and helpful, with always offering to assist me. Today, I received a big hug from “Katie” and told her how much I will miss her. Please continue to pray for “Katie” and her walk with the Lord. She is a fourth-grader and will not be back with us next year.

This is just one testimony of how God is working in the hearts of the children attending the many Good News Clubs throughout the state of WV. Please take time to pray for the children and the ministry of CEF in West Virginia. Thank you for your prayers!