Tree-lined street in October.

October is the month most of the After School Good News Clubs®, Good News Clubs®, Preschool Good News Clubs and Monthly After School Clubs start up, but because of the Covid19 restrictions many elementary school after school activities are on hold. So, local CEF Directors and staff in WV are calling out to God for wisdom and guidance to know how to minister to the children in their local CEF Chapter. There are many ways in which this can be accomplished. First, CEF USA Ministries has provided an online Good News Club accessible through: Also, the local Directors are checking with local churches to see if their facilities would be available for Good News Clubs®. There are other options available as well.

Another way of ministering to the children is the Truth Chasers Bible Correspondence Course. The child signs up and a lesson is sent to them. Upon completion of the lesson, the child mails it back to the correspondence secretary and they send a new lesson. The lessons teach Bible truths and present the message of salvation, allowing the child to respond to their need of Jesus Christ for salvation. Children have received Christ as a result of working through the Truth Chasers Bible Correspondence Course.

With the challenges before us and looking to God to help us, your prayers are vital! Thank you for being a faithful prayer warrior! You are making a great difference in the lives of the children. Below are praises to the Lord and prayer requests to be prayed to Him. Please take a few each day and bring them before the Lord.

Praise to God for:

  • The 35 children we know of who have trusted Christ for salvation during the summer.
  • The bless time the CEF of WV local Directors and staff had at the CEF of WV Staff Retreat.
  • The movement forward on a candidate for local Coordinator for CEF Little Kanawha Valley Chapter.
  • The ideas and creativity of the local CEF Directors on how to minister to the children this fall.
  • The helps CEF USA Ministries are providing to help the state and local ministries of CEF.
  • His provision of a good used vehicle for the Boekells.
  • Jerome Coleman stepping into the local CEF Directorship in CEF Kanawha, currently as local Coordinator.
  • The sixteen years of faithful service Deb Gephardt had (5 years as staff, 9 years as local Director) in CEF Kanawha.
  • The sale of the CEF Kanawha house/office and settled into new office space.
  • The opportunities to conduct Christmas Party Clubs this December.
  • The financial stability of each of the local CEF Chapters and CEF of WV during the pandemic.


Ask God to:

  • Lead each local CEF Chapter to how to best minister to the boys and girls this fall.
  • Help each local CEF Chapter to know how to get the word out of the online Good News Club ministry.
  • Grant ideas and creativity to the local CEF Chapters on ministering to the children.
  • Use the Truth Chasers Bible Correspondence Course to minister to children and their families.
  • Help children to enroll in the correspondence course and faithfully complete the lessons.
  • Provide key places to have Good News Clubs: daycares, homes or community centers.
  • Give wisdom to know how to use social media to get the message of salvation to the children.
  • Prepare hearts of the children to respond to the message of salvation, as well as their family members.
  • Help CEF connect unchurched children to good Bible-believing churches for further growth.
  • Help CEF to partner with the local churches in ministering to the unchurched children and their families.
  • Provide His choice servant to be the local CEF Director in Little Kanawha Valley and North Central Chapters.
  • Continue to help Ian and Nicole Vroon raise ministry support for their ministry in CEF Eastern Panhandle Chapter.
  • Guide the transition of the Boekells stepping down as State Director and helping John Camp in becoming the CEF of WV State Coordinator during 2021.
  • Give great victory to each local CEF Director & their staff and State Director over discouragement, temptations and high-mindedness.
  • Help each local CEF Director, their staff & State Director to be humbled by the fact God choose each to serve Him.
  • Lead each local CEF Chapter to key people to serve on the local CEF Committee.
  • Lead the CEF of WV ministry to key people to serve on the State Board.
  • Provide the financial partners needed for each local CEF Chapter and for the CEF State Office.