"For the Cause of Christ" is the theme for this year’s CEF Virtual International Conference. Many of the CEF workers, full-time and volunteer, from around the world, have joined the conference, virtually.

Is there a “Cause”? Jesus said, “So it is not the will of My Father Who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” (ESV) He also said, “Let the children come to Me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” (ESV) In light of Jesus’ words, there is a cause to reach boys and girls with the Gospel.

There are many boys and girls in need of hearing the Gospel around the world and in West Virginia. The six local CEF Chapters in WV (CEF Eastern Panhandle, CEF Greater Huntington, CEF Kanawha, CEF Little Kanawha, CEF New River Area and CEF North Central) will be reaching out to the unsaved children through 5-Day Clubs®, VBSs and Fairs and Festivals. The CEF workers will share the message of salvation through songs, memory verses, missionary story and Bible lessons in the 5-Day Clubs and VBSs and Gospel Carabiners, Gospel bracelets, Wordless Book in the fairs and festivals.

Please pray for these ministries, that unsaved children will attend, hear the message of salvation and be saved! You are the back-bone to these ministries through your prayers. Thank you so very much for your willingness to pray for the children.


Harry & Lydia Boekell



Praise God for:

  • The good news of young people applying to be Summer Missionaries with CEF in WV.  
  • The 5-Day Clubs® and VBSs already being scheduled to reach out to the children. 
  • The teacher training scheduled for the Summer Missionaries to learn how to minister to the children. 
  • The children He will lead us to, to share the message of salvation throughout WV 
  • The children, who He will bring to trust in Jesus for salvation. 
  • The many people who created the 5-Day Club teaching materials and those who printed it. 
  • The local CEF Directors: Randy, CEF Eastern Panhandle, Nathan, Greater Huntington, Jerome, Kanawha, John, New River Area and Harry, acting Director in CEF Little Kanawha Valley and North Central. 
  • The men and women serving on the local CEF Committees and on the CEF of WV State Board overseeing the governance issues (legal/policy), ministry advancements, finances, prayer and personnel.


Ask God to:

  • Equip and minister through the Summer Missionaries the Gospel to the children. 
  • Guide in the setting up of 5-Day Clubs in key areas where many unsaved children will attend. 
  • Help each 5-Day Club teacher to study to show themselves approved unto God and rightly divide the Word of Truth. 
  • Lead each teacher of a 5-Day Club to clearly communicate the message of salvation. 
  • Help teachers to carefully lead children to Christ, using His Word. 
  • Lead unchurched children, saved in a 5-Day Club, to good Bible believing churches for Christian growth. 
  • Guide each of the local CEF Directors in carrying out the summer ministries. 
  • Provide the ministry partners to give financially to support the summer ministries. 
  • Give much wisdom to the local CEF Committee members and State Board members in leading the CEF ministry. 
  • Protect local CEF Directors, staff, Summer Missionaries and State Director from the devil’s schemes and attacks. 
  • Help local CEF Directors, staff, Summer Missionaries & State Director, to guard their hearts, keep short accounts with Him and cultivate an intimate relationship with Him.