It's been an exciting year so far for our groups!  We hope you enjoy this exciting update:


Praise God for:

  • The children like Amanda (see previous post) who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • The 4,529 children, since September, 2018, who have attended a CEF ministry and heard the message of salvation at least one time and given an opportunity to received Christ for salvation.
  • The 469 children who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • The 49 children we know of that have begun attending church for the first time.
  • The 801 volunteer workers teaching in CEF in WV.
  • The many volunteers giving of their time and God giftedness to minister to the children.
  • The many local churches and pastors willing to sponsor the Good News Club in after school settings and other venues.
  • The many people who pray for these clubs, volunteers and the children.
  • The churches and individuals who are financial partners to help CEF local Chapters and State ministry.
  • The local CEF Chapter Directors in WV: Deb, John, Nathan and Randy.
  • The local CEF Chapter Committee members helping in governance issues, finances, strategic planning & more.
  • The CEF of WV State Board members overseeing the state ministry.


Ask God to:

  • Help volunteer teachers & workers in the Good News Clubs to finish well, as clubs come to an end in April or May.
  • Guide the children who have been saved in clubs to a good local church so they can grow in their faith.
  • Bring unsaved, unchurched children to these clubs over the next few months.
  • Prepare the hearts of the unsaved children to receive Christ for salvation.
  • Encourage the saved children attending these clubs to grow in their faith.
  • Move in the hearts of pastors and church leaders to realize the children are unsaved in their community.
  • Help pastors and churches to sponsor Good News Clubs in the schools, day cares, community centers or churches.
  • Guide the local CEF Directors in planning their summer ministries: 5-Day Clubs®, VBSs and fair ministries.
  • Raise up a host of people to serve with CEF of WV this summer: teenagers, young & older adults.
  • Open the doors to Wirt County Primary Center for an After School Good News Club® in April, 2019.
  • Move in the heart of the Wirt County School Superintendent to approve the start of this club.
  • Protect the local CEF Directors & State Director from the devil’s lies and deception.
  • Grant His strengthen & wisdom to the local CEF Directors & State Director to do their ministries.

Want to get involved in our ministries, contact us for more information. We are already planning for the next school year!