The other day, the wife of our local CEF Director in the Eastern Panhandle Chapter shared this precious story. A child in an After School Good News Club® was learning this Bible verse: “In Whom we have redemption, through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.” The teacher explained, ‘to have redemption (be redeemed) is to be rescued from something because someone paid a price. Jesus is our Redeemer – the one Who paid the price for your sin.’

Now think for a moment, this doctrinal truth Is being taught to K-3rd graders. The teacher is helping them understand this monumental truth, so they can understand what Jesus did so they can be saved or as a saved child tuck it away in their hearts and minds for another day or time when the old devil comes along and causes them to doubt. They then quote the verse and say ‘This is what the Lord says, get behind Satan!’ The devil has to flee!

This little girl asked her teacher this question: “You mean I’m redeemed forever?” The teacher could confidently say, “Yes you are!” Look at Hebrews 9:12b, “by means of His own blood, thus securing an eternal redemption.” Oh the faith of a child!

By your prayers, God is using teachers and workers in the After School Good News Clubs to lead children to Christ and help the saved children to grow in their faith. Thank you for lifting this ministry up in your prayers. God is hearing and answering your prayers. Please look over the praises to God and the prayer requests and in your time with the Lord, please thank Him for what He is doing and pray to Him in behalf of the children.

Yours in ministering to the children of WV,

Harry and Lydia Boekell


Praise God for:

  • The new After School Good News Clubs starting around the state.
  • The children who are attending the After School Good News Clubs.
  • The children who are placing their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • The children who are saved receiving Bible instruction on how to grow in their faith.
  • The local CEF Directors (Deb, John, Nathan & Randy) recruiting young people to serve in CEF Summer Ministries.
  • The progress being made on forming a new local CEF Committee in CEF Little Kanawha Valley Chapter.
  • The new worker, Jerome, coming on staff in CEF Kanawha Chapter.
  • The transfer of a worker, Jessica, to the North Central Chapter.
  • The potential couple coming to be on staff in the Eastern Panhandle Chapter.
  • The mortgage loan for the Ministry Center in CEF Eastern Panhandle Chapter being reduced to under $40,000.
  • The local churches and volunteer teaching teams sponsoring After School Good News Clubs.


Ask God to:

  • Bring more unchurched, unsaved children to the After School Good News Clubs.
  • Prepare the children’s hearts to receive Jesus for salvation.
  • Help the saved children to grow in their faith.
  • Help unchurched children & their families to begin to attend a good Bible-believing church.
  • Guide club teachers to clearly teach the message of salvation.
  • Guide club teachers to clearly teach Biblical truths for the saved children.
  • Help club teachers & workers to wisely lead children to Christ.
  • Help the local CEF Directors (Deb, John, Nathan & Randy) in recruiting the right young people for CEF Summer Ministries.
  • Call the young people of His choosing to be CEF Summer Missionaries.
  • Give great wisdom to the local CEF Directors in planning and preparing the training of these Summer Missionaries.
  • Provide the financial resources to fund the Summer Ministries and pay the Summer Missionaries.
  • Provide the places to hold 5-Day Clubs® where spiritually needy children will attend this summer.
  • Lead local churches to see how the 5-Day Club can be an outreach ministry in their community.
  • Protect the local CEF Directors & State Director from the schemes of the devil.
  • Help the local CEF Directors & State Director to keep short accounts with God.
  • Help the local CEF Directors & State Director to have much wisdom to lead their ministries.