Did you hear that knocking? Wonder who it is? Let’s look and see. Why it is the month of June. Hello June, we have been expecting you. You are a very special month! During your month June, CEF of WV conducts Christian Youth in Action® (CYIA™) Training in the local CEF Chapters. This training prepares teenagers, college young people and adults to share the message of salvation with children through 5-Day Clubs®, VBSs or fair ministry.

Thank you all very much for prayers! Thomas Hooker said, “Prayer is my chief work, and it is by means of it that I carry on the rest.” Our desire is that you will make prayer this summer your ‘chief work’ for the ministry of CEF and all the people who will be serving the Lord in this ministry. 

Again, we cannot express enough thanks for your labor in prayer. Below are praise notes and prayer requests. Please take a few and pray each day.


Harry & Lydia Boekell


Praise God for:

  • The 27 children who heard the message of salvation at a Kids Fly Day, sponsored by Civil Air Patrol.

  • The 29 teenagers, college young people & adults who are interested in the CYIA training.

  • The 12 teenagers and adults who have taken training to be able to go to the children this summer.

  • The 5-Day Clubs being set up this summer to reach the children.

  • The potential children to hear the message of salvation and receive Christ for salvation.

  • The local churches who have invited CEF teaching teams to come and conduct their VBS.

  • Local CEF Directors, Harry (acting Local Director) John, Jerome, Nathan and Randy leading the summer ministries in WV.

  • The staff personnel (paid/volunteer) working along-side these local CEF Directors expanding the ministry.

  • The protection over John Camp, Assistant State Director, when a tree fell on his house trailer.


Ask God to:

  • Water the seed of the Gospel planted in the 27 children’s hearts at Kids Fly Day

  • Help the teenagers, college young people & adults to learn well in the CYIA trainings.

  • Lead the instructors of the CYIA trainings to communicate clearly the concepts/methods of ministering to children.

  • Guide each person trained to clearly teach the message of salvation to the children this summer.

  • Prepare the hearts of the children to receive the message of salvation and trust Christ for salvation.

  • Speak through the Missions Emphasis and missionary story (Mary Slessor) to saved children to commit their lives to being a missionary.

  • Provide a generous Missionary Offering through the 5-Day Clubs to purchase a computer for Alex Twum, CEF Regional Director for West and Central Africa.

  • Provide key locations for 5-Day Clubs where unreached, unchurched children would attend.

  • Help the children to have lots of fun learning about God through the 5-Day Clubs.

  • Lead children who have placed their trust in Christ this summer to good local Bible-believing churches.

  • Guide each local CEF Director & staff, State Director, teachers, helpers, club host to “Submit themselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from (them). Draw near to God, and He will draw near to (them).”



Ministry Schedule

June 9

Local Committee Meeting

CEF Little Kanawha Valley


June 10

5-Day Club Organizational Mtg.

CEF Little Kanawha Valley


June 22-26

WV Interstate Fair

CEF Little Kanawha Valley


Month of July


5-Day Clubs