Lydia brought me this funny Facebook post: 

Write a real-life story to go with the number sentence. Also, solve the problem: 24+9 = ______. Ella got on 24 of her mom’s nerves. Soon she got on 9 more. How many total nerves did Ella get on? The comment on the post was: “Don’t tell me kids aren’t learning anything in school.” We pray you got a chuckle out of that true story.

What else are children learning in school? Every day throughout our state of WV, except Saturday and Sunday, children are given the opportunity to attend an After School program called Good News Club®. They are learning about the love of God and how He demonstrated His love by sending His Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for every person’s sins and raise again the third day Also, by receiving Jesus Christ and what He did by faith, they can be saved. Now that is eternal learning in a real-life story, if heard and believed.


Your prayers are very valuable in regard to children attending these After School Good News Clubs® and hearing the message of salvation and putting their faith alone in what Jesus Christ did for them by dying on the cross for their sins, raising again the third day. You have as much a part in the regeneration that takes place in these children’s lives as the teacher or club worker leading them to Christ. Thank you for your prayer work! Please look over the praises and prayer requests. Will you bring them before God’s throne of grace?


Praise God for:

  • The thousands of children attending these After School Good News Clubs on a weekly basis.
  • The hundreds of teachers & workers ministering to these children in these clubs.
  • The local churches throughout WV sponsoring the clubs.
  • The local CEF Directors, Deb, John, Nathan & Randy, training club teachers & workers, ministering with local churches to set up these After School Good News Clubs & helping them to get started.
  • The hundreds of children placing their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • The sponsoring churches following-up these children to help them get established in a church for further growing in their faith.
  • The local CEF Committee members & CEF of WV State Board members helping to guide the ministry of CEF. (Strong committees and State Board means strong ministry, which means more children being ministered to.)
  • The financial donors giving to support the ministry of CEF.
  • The construction of the CEF Ministry Center, CEF Eastern Panhandle Chapter, coming along well.
  • The Boekells, CEF of WV State Director’s Toyota Highlander has 276,000 plus miles on it and has provide many safe miles of travel for the CEF Ministry.


Ask God to:

  • Move local churches to adopt the elementary school in their community and conduct an After School Good News Club.
  • Provide the teachers and workers from these churches to minister in these clubs.
  • Bring the unchurched, unsaved children to attend the After School Good News Clubs meeting around the state.
  • Prepare the hearts of the unsaved children to place their faith in Jesus.
  • Help the saved children attending these clubs to grow in Christ and if unchurched to begin attending a local church.
  • Call the individuals He would have to be local CEF Directors in CEF Little Kanawha Valley & North Central Chapters.
  • Call individuals of His choosing, gifted in Administration & giving to serve on CEF local Committees in WV.
  • Bring the Instructor of Teacher 2 candidates to attend the training course April 1-12.
  • Bless several fund-raising events coming up in local CEF Chapters in WV.
  • Grant Harry Boekell, CEF of WV State Director wisdom and great leadership skills to lead this ministry.
  • Provide another vehicle for the Boekells when their current car is done chugging along.