February is the month we observe Valentine’s Day. Years ago, I received this poem by Elizabeth Apple, appropriately titled ‘Valentine’s Day’.


‘Tis customary on this day to give a Valentine.

But I can’t give my heart away you see, it is not mine.

I gave it long ago to ONE who gave His life for me,

And so in truth, since this I’ve done I cannot give it thee.

But I can give to thee a part for He had bid me share

The love which dwells within my heart since He has entered there.


As I ponder this poem, I think of the many children who have not given their hearts to Jesus. They have not had the blessing of someone telling them how much Jesus loves them and gave Himself to provide forgiveness of their sins when they trust in Him.

I’ve been thinking of the drug epidemic in the state of West Virginia. Child Evangelism Fellowship® of WV does not deal directly with helping to alleviate this problem, but we are involved in leading children to Jesus Christ. Upon believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, they have the Holy Spirit to empower them to say NO to drugs and YES to God. They grow up knowing and understanding that abuse of drugs is sin and a big fat dead end! Therefore, the demand for drugs dries up and the drug dealers are put out of business. CEF® can be used to affect the next generation.

So, we tell the children of the best Valentine - Jesus! Why? Because He loves them with an everlasting love! I pray you have a very special Valentine’s Day. If you do not know Jesus as your personal Savior, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” Then you will have His love in your heart to share with others.

Please pray for the children as you see them about in your community.

  1. Pray they will hear the truth: Jesus loves them, they are sinners, Jesus died for their sins & rose again, and if they believe on Him, they will be saved.
  2. Pray for unchurched & churched children will hear this message and be saved.
  3. Pray churches will sponsor After School Good News Clubs® in elementary schools in their community.
  4. Pray children will attend these clubs, hear the truths, be saved and get connected to the church.
  5. Pray parents will tell their children the truths stated above.