The first month of 2020 is history. There have been many exciting things happening in the first month of 2020. After School Good News Clubs® have started back up. Children are attending and hearing of Jesus’ love for them, how He died on the cross and shed His blood for their sins and rose again. They are being given the opportunity to receive Him for salvation.

We are excited to report that children are receiving Christ for salvation. We were talking to a club leader and she was excited that not only children are being saved, but several children are beginning to attend her church. Children are memorizing Bible verses in the clubs, which help them in future situations. There are new After School Good News Clubs starting up and others are in the organizational stage, with high hopes to start up soon.

There are clubs that need more workers. CEF’s Luke 10:2 initiative, “…The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” The need for more clubs is vital, because more children will attend and hear about Jesus. But, in order to organize more clubs, CEF needs more volunteer teachers and workers.

Your prayers are vital and we do appreciate your labor for the Lord in this way. Below are praises and prayer requests. Please consider them and intercede for the unsaved and saved children to attend the club in their elementary school or God would raise up a teaching team from a local church to go into an elementary school that does not have a club. Thank you again for your faithfulness to pray for the children and CEF.


Yours for the children of WV,

Harry and Lydia Boekell


Praise God for:

  • The many children in the After School Good News Clubs who have placed their trust in Jesus for salvation.
  • The unchurched children who are beginning to attend church.
  • The Bible lessons being taught and being applied to the child’s life either for salvation or spiritual growth.
  • The Scripture verses being memorized, to be hid in the child’s heart for them to recall for future situations.
  • The club teachers who study His Word, so to rightly divide God’s Word being taught to the children.
  • The teachers and workers He uses to lead children to Christ for salvation.
  • His Holy Spirit using God’s Word to convict of sin, drawing children to receive Christ & securing them for eternity.
  • The new workers considering service with CEF in the local CEF Chapters in WV.
  • The potential for a local CEF Committee being formed in CEF Little Kanawha Valley Chapter.
  • The potential for an Estate being settled that will benefit CEF Little Kanawha Valley Chapter.
  • The local churches using the After School Good News Club ministry to minister to the children in their community.
  • The many safe miles driven for CEF throughout WV.


Ask God to:

  • Lead local churches to realize the value of the After School Good News Club ministry in the elementary schools.
  • Help teachers to study His Word, so to rightly divide it for the Bible lessons they teach the children.
  • Enable teachers & workers to wisely counsel children for salvation or spiritual growth.
  • Grant wisdom for hiring new workers for service in CEF of WV local chapters.
  • Provide the finances for these new workers so they can serve in CEF of WV local chapters.
  • Raise up key people, called by Him to serve on the local CEF chapter committees.
  • Raise up key people, called by Him to serve on the CEF of WV State Board.
  • Provide a good used car or new car for the Boekells; Toyota Highlander has over 317,000 miles on it.
  • Guide local CEF Directors: Deb, John, Nathan, Randy & Harry in recruiting CEF Summer Missionaries.
  • Call college young people, teenagers & adults to be CEF Summer Missionaries this summer.
  • Lead in setting up 5-Day Clubs® for the CEF Summer Ministry.
  • Provide financial donors to fund the After School Good News Club and 5-Day Club ministries
  • Provide teachers & workers for After School Good News Clubs so they can start ministering to the children.
  • Create in me and you a greater burden to see boys and girls come to Jesus Christ for salvation.