As I ponder past Christmas celebrations as a boy, the decorating of the tree, parades, lights, anticipation of receiving gifts, there was something missing: the true meaning of Christmas. I attended a church with my parents, and we sang Christmas hymns, heard about Jesus being born in Bethlehem, but no-one ever taught me personally, that Jesus Christ came into this world to save me from my sins. No-one taught me personally, I was a sinner and needed a Savior. Thankfully, in October 1975, I placed my trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. I was 24 years old and had committed many sins. What if someone had taught me about sin, Jesus dying on the cross for my sins and raising again the third day and gave me an opportunity to receive Him? Would I have received Him? 

My point is this, there are many boys and girls today who have never heard who Jesus is, why He came into this world, died on the cross for their sins, gave His blood, rose again three days later and if they receive Him, He will give them the power to become a child of God.

Will you pray God would open to you the opportunity to talk to a child, a group of children, your children, grandchildren about who Jesus Christ is, why He came and was born on Christmas day? Will you let the Holy Spirit use you & God’s Word to share the true meaning of Christmas? You can use a Christmas tract for children, a Christmas card with the picture of Jesus in a manger, a piece of old wood to talk about the wooden manger He was laid in and the old wooden cross He died on or sing a familiar Christmas hymn and explain what the hymn means.

Thank you for praying for CEF of WV, the local CEF Directors, committee members, the many volunteers teaching the children, the children of WV & the CEF State Director & his wife. We praise the Lord for each of you.


Harry Boekell
State Director


Praise God For:

  • The 2546 children enrolled in the Good News Club® ministry this fall.
  • The 199 children who have placed their trust in Christ for salvation.
  • The 27 children who have started going to church.
  • The many individuals volunteering to teach or work in these clubs.
  • The many churches sponsoring the After School Good News Club®.
  • Our four local CEF Directors: Deb, John, Nathan & John.
  • The men & women who serve on the local CEF committees.
  • The Christmas Party Clubs meeting around the state; sharing the true meaning of Christmas with children.


Ask God To:

  • Raise up more local churches to sponsor After School Good News Clubs this school year.
  • Use the Christmas Party Clubs to share the true meaning of Christmas with children.
  • Help teachers to clearly communicate the true meaning of Christmas with children.
  • Allow many unchurched children to hear the true meaning of Christmas & be saved.
  • Help teachers & workers to carefully counsel children for salvation or other spiritual needs.
  • Call His choice servant to be local CEF Director for Little Kanawha Valley & North Central Chapters.
  • Call His choice leaders to be local CEF Committee members in the six chapters in WV.
  • Direct the CEF local Directors & State Director to key people, called of Him, to develop to be leaders in their chapters and for the State CEF ministry.
  • Provide the financial resources to fund these key people He will call to serve.
  • Grant much wisdom to local CEF Directors & committee members in planning fundraising events in 2018.
  • Help local CEF Directors in recruiting young people to be Summer Missionaries, teaching 5-Day Clubs® in 2018.
  • Help Susan, Truth Chasers Club Correspondence Course Secretary for WV in grading lessons & returning to students.
  • Help CEF local Directors in training others to minister to the children in WV


Ministry Schedule

January 2  Teacher Training Class – CEF Little Kanawha Valley

January 23  Local CEF Directors Conference Call

January 27  Prayer Breakfast CEF Little Kanawha Valley Chapter