As you know the Boekells have been asking you to pray for over a year for a new vehicle. The Boekells Blue Buggy – a 2009 Highlander Sport has 339,000 + miles on it.

Just a couple of months ago CEF of WV Inc. started a New Car Fund for us.

During the week of August 17th while on vacation we received a call from a faithful donor who wished to give a gift of $20,000 to go toward the new car. The only request was that we use all of the donated money for the car fund to help purchase the car.

When we returned from vacation Wednesday September 9th, we were able to deposit the $20,000 plus two other gifts that had come in, bringing the total in the Car fund to $35,205.00.

Thursday the 10th we went to Advantage Toyota and met with a salesman, letting him know we wanted a “White 2017 Highlander with low mileage, Toyota Certified Used.

The only Toyota on the lot had over 87,000 miles on it and we said that was too many miles. So he wanted to talk us into a new Highlander. When he went in to get the keys he discovered that they had JUST driven out of the garage a 2017 White Highlander EXL with 38,600 miles on it.  Needless to say we test drove it and told them we would take it.   The grand total with fees and taxes was - $35,000.

We want to say a heartfelt Thank you to all who gave and prayed.


Meet the Boekell’s Bountiful Blessing (Blessing for Short)