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Valentine's Day

February is the month we observe Valentine’s Day. Years ago, I received this poem by Elizabeth Apple, appropriately titled ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Coming Alive!

As I look across the bleak landscape out my window and the dormant trees and shrubs, I am reminded, as God wills, they will come alive!

Celebrating Christmas with Jesus

As I ponder past Christmas celebrations as a boy, the decorating of the tree, parades, lights, anticipation of receiving gifts, there was something missing: the true meaning of Christmas. I attended a church with my parents, and we sang Christmas hymns, heard about Jesus being born in Bethlehem, but no-one ever taught me personally, that Jesus Christ came into this world to save me from my sins. No-one taught me personally, I was a sinner and needed a Savior. Thankfully, in October 1975, I placed my trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. I was 24 years old and had committed many sins.

Thoughts About Christmas

Often, we are reminded of several quotes concerning Christmas. I am thinking of two quotes this Christmas.

Changing the World Beyond West Virginia

When you give to Child Evangelism Fellowship, you are supporting an international effort to bring Jesus to children and their family. Below is a powerful photo from one of our groups in Honduras. Child Evangelism Fellowship® workers in HONDURAS report, “Our city used to be full of gangs ranging from the Salva Trucha to the M-13. But now our city is not marked by gang culture. God has used CEF® ministry in the lives of children over the past 14 years to completely change our city!”

Thankful: The Lord Has Been Good!

Psalms 106:1 says “Praise the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good….” The Lord has been good by drawing many children to His Son, Jesus Christ for salvation this fall in the After School Good News Clubs® throughout West Virginia. God has raised up an army of volunteer teachers and workers for these clubs. He has enabled these volunteer teachers to clearly communicate the Gospel to the children & give an invitation to receive Jesus as personal Savior.

Bridging Prayer and Bible Reading in Public School

August 16, 2016

I have been hearing a lot of grumbling and complaining the prayer and Bible reading have been taken out of the schools. It is true, but God has opened a door of opportunity called, After School Good News Club®.